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Record Outgoing Calls! So Simple, Start Recording in Minutes!
Capture, Record & Store Outgoing Calls from any phone, anytime, anywhere by dialing a speed dial that will give a local dial tone enabling any outgoing call to be recorded.

Register up to 5 originating phone numbers for RecordiaPro to recognize you by, saving you the step of entering your PIN prior to each call: Just access our toll free number by either direct dial or even better saving it to speed dial on your phone and make your recorded call at the dial tone. It’s that simple, we promise!

Digital call recordings and all call records can be accessed any time, 24/7, through your secure RecordiaPro Account Manager. Playback the call online or download as an Mp3 file to keep or E-mail others.

Record Incoming Calls to Your Existing Number:

RecordiaPro is proud to announce our Brand New Incoming Call Recording Feature:  Selective Inbound Call Recording!

YOU CHOOSE, which incoming calls to record to your existing cell phone number. No need to lug around extra recording equipment, another cell phone, SIM cards or anything. Have the same phone set up for Incoming and Outgoing call recording in just minutes!

Digital recordings may be accessed any 24/7 through your secure RecordiaPro Account Manager.

RecordiaPro Professional Transcriptions:
Order text transcriptions of your phone calls directly from your Call Log! Our brand new transcription service has gotten stellar reviews and is on par with the leading standalone transcription services in the nation.

RecordiaPro Transcription Highlights:

  • 100% Human and double verified
  • Clean format that identifies multiple speakers
  • Speedy turnaround time from 1/2 to 2 days
  • Delivered via Email as a Word doc

Caller ID Included!
Track all important call data such as Time of Call, Date of Call, and Call Duration of including detailed caller ID Information of who called who and when!

Smart Spoofer Included! *NEW FEATURE*
Caller ID Spoofing (aka: Caller ID Changer, Stealth Calling, Caller ID control, Call Faker) allows callers to change or fake their Caller ID number when placing an outgoing phone call.

Smart Spoofer, powered by RecordiaPro takes Caller ID Spoofing technology to the next level making it easier and faster than ever to customize your Caller ID on outgoing calls. Best of all, every spoofed call is recorded and made at the push of a button. Try it now, FREE with any RecordiaPro purchase!

Dictation Pro!
A great tool thats simple to use! Speak into your phone to dictate instructions, reminders or notes for later or use DictationPro as a recorder for on the run interviews or lectures.

All Recordings may be accessed any 24/7 through your secure RecordiaPro Account Manager.

24/7 Account Manager with Unlimited Storage!
Log on to your RecordiaPro Account Manager 24/7 to set up your phones for recording, add minutes and for immediate access to your call recordings. Browse call recordings by detailed call information that’s stored with each call- Listen online, E-mail or Download as an Mp3 file for archiving.

RecordiaPro employs strict security using extensive data encryption measuresand SSL to ensure your privacy.

Instant Account Delivery & Immediate activation!
With RecordiaPro's instant Account delivery guarantee, you can be call recording within minutes!

Also Included

MEGA Minutes

Record All Calls With Recordiapro

No Monthly Fees!
Add Minutes
or Upgrade Anytime!
Instant Activation
Mp3 Recordings
No Activation Fees!
No Shipping!
Smart Spoofer Included FREE!


Notice: The RecordiaPro product or service may not be used to violate the privacy rights of others, or to access or intercept electronic communications in violation of wiretap statutes. Phone tapping and eavesdropping is illegal in certain states. In no way will RecordiaPro or its subsidiaries or partners be held responsible for inappropriate use of this product. It is the responsibility of the purchaser or user to ensure that conversations are only recorded in accordance with the law of the jurisdiction where the product is utilized.

Domestic Disputes
Divorce, Child Custody, Abuse
Journalists and Reporters
Phone Interviews, Investigative Reporting
Consumer Protection
Accountability, Parents, Harassment
Refer Back to Audio Transcripts & Memos
Law Enforcement/Private Investigators
Evidence Gathering, Identity Privacy w/VRN
Insurance and Financial Agents & Brokers
Ensure Govt. compliance for all Call Records

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