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Record Incoming and Outgoing Calls With Any Phone at Any Time Anywhere in the World

How to Record from the Start

  1. Speed dial into our Accesss Number
  2. Listen for dial tone
  3. Make the call
  4. That's it

How to Add Recording to a Call

  1. Make or Answer a Call
  2. Silently add RecordiaPro
  3. Merge calls together
  4. That's it

Setup in Moments, Without Having to Download Anything!

  1. After sign up you will instantly receive an email with an easy setup link and info that takes only seconds.
  2. Place your outgoing call through our easy access number or silently conference RecordiaPro into an incoming call.
  3. Call Recordings show up instantly to your online Cloud Account Manager where you can download, transcribe or share any call.

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Welcome Email Place your outgoing call Cloud account manager

Complete Control at Your Fingertips

Call Recordings show up instantly to your online Cloud Account Manager.

Global Call Recording
If you don’t choose Global Wallet on checkout, add it on later.
Custom Caller ID Settings
Show, Block or Spoof Caller ID and voice distortion options settings are easily customized from your account manager.
Manage Recordings
Organize recordings with labels and notes, download, or share any call.
Virtual Number
Add a virtual number to your phone to make & receive recorded calls while keeping your personal number private for only $36/year.
Manage Phones
Add up to 5 phones to skip the pin entry step for on demand recordings and incoming calls.
Order Transcriptions
Pick which calls you want to order a trancription for, or upload your own.

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Start Recording From Any Phone

YES, even on landlines!

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No App to Download. No Contracts.

We think it’s A GREAT TOOL FOR HUMAN RESOURCE DEPTS AND HIRING MANAGERS. We love to listen in on the screen interviews and we love being able to replay each interview before making recommendations…

Vice President HR EBA, LLC

THE SETUP WAS NO PROBLEM AT ALL… the cell phone call recordings are starting to pour in… Kudos to RecordiaPro!

Judith H. Crestview, FL

I love this product. I plan to tell every mother of teenagers I know about this. You could never imagine the depths of help you are providing to families. YOUR TECHS HAVE BEEN VERY SUPPORTIVE AND HELPFUL!

Shoshana K. Flint, MI


Q.) Will it work with my phone?

A.) Yes! RecordiaPro works with ***nearly*** every cellphone provider (***see a small list of exceptions***)

Q.) Is my information secure?

A.) Yes! All information, whether it’s payment info, email correspondance, and of course your recordings, are locked up tight. Check out our privacy policy here.

Q.) When can I start recording?

A.) Now! Well, as soon as you choose a plan anyway. The process takes about two minuets, and then you’re ready to record!

Q.) Will I be billed automatically every month?

A.) No! RecordiaPro is “Pay as you go” and allows you to add minutes or upgrade your plan at your convenience.

Have more questions about RecordiaPro?

We’re here to help. Call us at 877-673-8292 or visit our FAQ page.