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REAL RecordiaPro Reviews

There are lots of call recording companies and products out there but none that stand out as much as RecordiaPro. RecordiaPro is utterly and completely dedicated to its customers and will do everything in its power to help a customer achieve their call recording objectives. From a consumer looking to record calls on their cell phone to a mystery shopping company looking for an enterprise solution, there's only one place to go for crystal clear, quality call recordings that is easy to use and at a great price!

True RecordiaPro customer feedback from a recent survey (Names changed to preserve anonymity):

Reliable. It gives me peace of mind.
-Kelly S, Decatur, AL

Great service thanks!!!!!
-Nathan S, Toledo, OH

The one or two times I called, the person who helped me was very polite and nice. Appreciated the good service.
-Justin H, Chattanooga, TN

You have done more than enough for me, I wish I can advertise for RecordiaPro. I WILL RECCOMEND YOUR SERVICE TO ANYONE I KNOW just because of the way I have been treated.
-Nicole G, Southfield, MI

I use RecordiaPro to record executive interviews conducted on behalf of research clients who want to hear the conversations. It works well and meets my needs. I don't always have projects with this requirement but it's very valuable when the client requests such a service.
-Emily M, Macon, GA

THE SETUP WAS NO PROBLEM AT ALL… the cell phone call recordings are starting to pour in… Kudos to RecordiaPro!
-Judith H , Crestview, Fl

You have a great service...Thank you!
-Maggie T, Syracuse, NY

I do think this is a very valuable service and I will continue to use it.
-Arun R, Lawrence, MA

Your product worked great- WE NAILED The HARRASER BY AUTOMATICALLY RECORDING ALL MY DAUGHTERS INCOMING CALLS and also captured his caller ID. Thanks for making it so easy.
- Seth H, Teaneck, NJ

Staff seemed responsive to questions and concerns.
-Pamela J, Albuquerque, NM

I love this product. I plan to tell every mother of teenagers I know about this. You could never
imagine the depths of help you are providing to families. YOUR TECHS HAVE BEEN VERY SUPPORTIVE AND HELPFUL!

-Shoshanna K, Flint, MI

Rich is great to work with and always responds very quickly.
-Jodi R, St. Louis, MO

Your product is the ULTIMATE SOLUTION FOR MY CLIENTS GOING THROUGH CHILD CUSTODY & DIVORCE CASES. Our family law practice refers you to all our clients.
-Santiago N Esq

I've always liked the service very much--I'm a freelance writer who records phone interviews.
-Shawn C, Calgary, AB

Thanks for this wonderful levels the playing field with collection agencies.
-Lynne D, Mason City, IA

We think it’s A GREAT TOOL FOR HUMAN RESOURCE DEPTS AND HIRING MANAGERS. We love to listen in on the screen interviews and we love being able to replay each interview before making recommendations…
-Vice President HR, EBA, LLC

My need for RecordiaPro has diminished as we have gone ahead with litigation, but it was an excellent tool and well worth the cost.
-Darrin R, Bronx, NY/p>

LOVE your services! I have recommended you to several friends and business associates!
-Florence P, San Diego, CA

As an attorney, sometimes you need to KEEP DETAILED RECORDS OF IMPORTANT CALLS. Not only does RecordiaPro allow me to do that but saving my calls to my desktop allows me to revisit them anytime I want.
-Brian A, Miami Beach FL

I appreciate the quality of the recorded call. I use recorded calls for video and aidio interviews and quality is very important to me. I also use the service for interviews for special written (journalistic) reports as a "note-keeping" service for easy reference when writing a story.
-Dave W, Anchorage, AK

Wow, A MYSTERY SHOPPERS DREAM... Love the corporate accounts!
-Chelly I, Memphis, TN

I originally signed up to record sales calls for my business for later review to help improve my cold calling skills. It also came in handy in gathering evidence for a restraining order against my ex. Thanks!
-Veronica L, Dayton, OH

Ive been looking for an EASY WAY TO RECORDING INBOUND CALLS TO MY VIRTUAL BUSINESS PHONE LINE forever. Boy, am I glad I called you guys!
-Liz P NY, NY

I have been very pleased not only with the service but also with the support.
-Allan P, Laredo, TX

-Larry B Newton, Mass

Your Support reps are always very helpful.
-Walter G, Raleigh, NC

Your Account Manager makes it easy to MANAGE THE RECORDINGS FOR MY MOBILE SALES FORCE. One more thing, can we set this up for my Call Center as well?
-Floyd N, Las Vegas, NV

I'm so glad that you exist!
-Jaime L, Savannah, GA

I can't find anyone that provides what you do. It is important to me so keep it up!
-Gerard A, Portland, ME

I actually downloaded the Business phone Call Recording and played them on my I-tunes software. MP3 CALL RECORDING FILES MAKE IT PRETTY EASY!
-Danny M, Honesdale, PA

This service has been invaluable to me. A friend who used it told me about, and I signed up for it. The ease of signing up was incredible. Thank you for this service.
-Cory O, Bennington, VT

The service is useful to me to avoid having to purchase expensive conference call recorders; also, recording via Skype is not reliable so we have to record via phone to ensure no audio drop outs and your service makes it easy for us.
-Thelma R, Santa Barbara, CA

-Marshall P, Jerusalem, OH

I do value the service that RecordiaPro offers and appreciate the capability that it provides. Thank you.
-Domingo M, Clearwater, FL

I'm an author who does phone interviews. I searched for two months before I found RecordiaPro. I only wish I had found sooner. It is instrumental to my book as I never miss a call now because I can answer my cell from anywhere and not have to take frantic notes. Thanks.
-Josephine P, Detroit, MI

I have been using RecordiaPro for a while and i Love it... i HAVE HUNDREDS OF RECORDINGS AND DOWNLOAD THEM EVERY MONTH!
-Ann H, Scranton, Pa

I love RecordiaPro. I'm just getting ready to start up another round of intervewing. I don't know how I'd be able to record and code the sessions without this great technology.
-Cornelius B, Naperville, IL

This is an invaluable service for legal professionals or individuals that need to accurately document personal, professional or other legal related conversations. All recordings are clear, concise & time/date stamped, which makes them admissible to most court proceedings.
-Krystal R, NYC, NY

Great service, helps our business.
-Harvey L, Sioux Falls, SD

You are the best we've ever used. Extremely attentive and responsive. Good job, David and Rich.
-Rhonda A, Boca Raton, FL

Thought it was a great service for us and would recommend it to others.
-Carmen B, Arlington, TX

Overall a great product.
-Brooke F, Houston, TX

My attorney was so impressed that I used your services, he said I was his first client to use such services. The customer service was great!
-Heidi G, Trenton, NJ

This is an aboslutely BRILLIANT TOOL FOR DIALECT COACHES like myself who need to call people all across the Country to capture authentic accents. I post the Mp3 file with the recorded call on my website for my students to playback. RECORDIAPRO IS PERFECT!
-Amy C, Los Angeles, CA

Your service is excellent! I always recorded crystal clear conversations with my outgoing calls
-Melinda B, Toronto, ON

The levels on both ends were great and the CALL WAS CLEAR AND BUZZLESS. While I'd definitely prefer to use a studio for recording my calls (I'm a radio journalist), this is an AWESOME SERVICE FOR ON- THE- GO EQUIPMENT-LESS CELL PHONE RECORDING
-Aaron Z, Wild Rose, WI

Great service. Very happy thus far.
-Rita B, Dover, NH

Keep up the great work!
-Ben C, Birmingham, AL

This is an excellent service provided by you guys and it has been used by others in my office, thanks.
-Lorraine H, Atlanta, GA

I ran the demo of your service AND LOVE YOUR SERVICE and see it being the recording solution we desire for our Mystery Shopper/ Service Quality Specialist company.
-John B, Bozeman MT

RecordiaPro is a fantastic, SIMPLE product.
-Eleanor A, Port St. Lucie, FL

Your service has been super amazing
-Vincent C, Erie, PA

Love you guys!!
-Oscar N, Greenville, SC

RecordiaPro ROCKS!! (new logo with my face as your spokesperson?) Just saying!

Christine O' Leary ,

Your EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SUPPORT will keep us a customer for a long, long time.
-Jonathan J, Glen Allen , VA

First starting up my system, your customer service tech was fabulous!! Working with people myself, I found it refreshing that he did not talk down to me as I was indeed coming from a place of ignorance integrating RecordiaPro into my life & phone. Good customer service is hard to find these days. Your service has proven to be invaluable to me. Love Love Love you guys!!! Keep up the great work.
-Shaun M, Lexington, KY

Great service, I enjoy using it and it's very easy to use!
-Joy C, Bristol, CT

I really like the service you provide. Very helpful!
-Danny P, Toms River, NJ

Very user friendly and your support group is outstanding.
-Connie S, Marion, IN

Without the use of RecordiaPro I would not have been able to settle a lawsuit. It was great.
-William C, Orlando, FL

Selective Call Recording is brilliant! My divorce lawyer had instructed me to record every phone call with my ex and I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE THIS EASY!
-Suzanne F, Cameron Park, CA

RecordiaPro has literally become a part of my life. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this awesome product and your incredible assistance. YOU LET ME SLEEP AT NIGHT knowing my family is safe.
-Tamara L, Andover, MA

Can’t believe HOW FAST I WAS ABLE TO START RECORDING my phone calls after making the purchase off your website. The quality is great too- thanks!
-Sierra M, New Johnsonville, TN

My transcriber told me this was far and away the BEST RECORDING QUALITY she has ever worked with!
-Jano G, Kansas City, MO


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Customers also use RecordiaPro for:

  • Record coaching calls for professional certification
  • Journalist recording interviews
  • Save phone consultation with a health care provider
  • Check and money collections
  • Mystery shopping
  • Record abusive calls
  • Sales calls
  • Trust Protection & Verification
  • Archive family member discussions to save stories and history
  • Recording interviews, letting go staff
  • Counseling
  • Quality Control
  • Psychic evaluations
  • Record conference calls

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Notice: The RecordiaPro product or service may not be used to violate the privacy rights of others, or to access or intercept electronic communications in violation of wiretap statutes. Phone tapping and eavesdropping is illegal in certain states. In no way will RecordiaPro or its subsidiaries or partners be held responsible for inappropriate use of this product. It is the responsibility of the purchaser or user to ensure that conversations are only recorded in accordance with the law of the jurisdiction where the product is utilized.

Domestic Disputes
Divorce, Child Custody, Abuse
Journalists and Reporters
Phone Interviews, Investigative Reporting
Consumer Protection
Accountability, Parents, Harassment
Refer Back to Audio Transcripts & Memos
Law Enforcement/Private Investigators
Evidence Gathering, Identity Privacy w/VRN
Insurance and Financial Agents & Brokers
Ensure Govt. compliance for all Call Records

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