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Caller ID Spoofing has never been easier.

Caller ID Spoofing (aka: Caller ID Changer, Stealth Calling, Caller ID control, Call Faker) allows callers to change or fake their Caller ID number when placing an outgoing phone call.

Smart Spoofer, powered by RecordiaPro takes Caller ID Spoofing technology to the next level making it easier and faster than ever to customize your Caller ID on outgoing calls. Best of all, every spoofed call is recorded and made at the push of a button.


Just Log in to the RecordiaPro Account Manager and enter the Caller ID number that you want to display for outgoing calls. All subsequent outgoing calls made through RecordiaPro will display the Caller ID that you customized! Log back in to change your Smart Spoofer number for any call or series of calls.

No more typing in your PIN and the spoof number on the phone itself prior to each and every call. Smart Spoofer, powered by RecordiaPro allows you make quick and simple spoofed calls from any phone and make any number appear on the receiving party’s Caller ID display!

So STOP OVERDIALING and start Call Spoofing the way the professionals and law enforcement do it with Smart Spoofer, from RecordiaPro!

A FIRST in the Telecom industry and ONLY from RecordiaPro!

Record both Incoming and Outgoing calls with a phone number that’s completely anonymous and impossible to be traced :The Virtual Recorded Number (VRN), from RecordiaPro allows you to make and receive Recorded phone calls in complete, 100% anonymity with no way to be traced or tracked to your original phone. Mask your true identity and STILL receive incoming calls!

Receiving Incoming Calls to your VRN: Upon Setup, you get to choose an area code for your new phone number (VRN). RecordiaPro will then assign you a phone number in the area code that you chose. When this VRN is called, the call will be forwarded to and ring on your existing cell phone.

Make Outgoing calls with your VRN: Set your Outgoing Caller ID preference to show the same Virtual Recorded Number for when you make an outgoing call.

The foolproof, safe and easy solution to true anonymous calling!

It’s the Perfect, No Strings Attached, PRIVACY FIRST virtual phone number and ONLY from RecordiaPro! The VRN is compatible with ANY phone and can be set up in just minutes from the time of your RecordiaPro Silver or Gold purchase!

Domestic Disputes
Divorce, Child Custody, Abuse
Journalists and Reporters
Phone Interviews, Investigative Reporting
Consumer Protection
Accountability, Parents, Harassment
Refer Back to Audio Transcripts & Memos
Law Enforcement/Private Investigators
Evidence Gathering, Identity Privacy w/VRN
Insurance and Financial Agents & Brokers
Ensure Govt. compliance for all Call Records

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